The program «Goal staircase»
The program for writing of your personal goals for every month and year
How does it work
Goal staircase is built in the interface of LeaderTask on Windows. That means that you can work with your goals inside LeaderTask.
For whom it is useful
The program is going to be useful for all users who want to make progress in different life spheres: set goals and then achieve them. The program will also help those who feel that life passes in vain and want to change it.
What can it do
Setting a goal for a year
Setting 10 goals for every month
Setting a global lifetime goal
Sorting goals by categories (spheres of life)
Shifting goals on another month and another category
Rapid passing to the next/previous year
Displaying goals in the interface of LeaderTask
Exclusive working comfort
You will be able to work with your goals not only in the interface of Goal staircase but also in LeaderTask. It allows to make any changes: to create and to change goals, control categories and their structure. Such system increases convenience of work and reduces fatigue - you will switch between programs very seldom.
New versions
Updates of Goal staircase are free!
Purchasing for several users
If you want your employees use the Goal staircase as well - just purchase the program for the necessary number of users.
Use the credit card or PayPal. Companies can pay via check-prepayment.
Programs from Market can't be synchronized with other devices.
The data are kept on a single device.