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LeaderTask - for Managers
Manage your employees simply and reliably! Control assignments, complete projects in time, receive the total review of all business!
  • Common Projects
    Work together with your colleagues on projects. Your colleagues will get access to the common project and they will be able to work on tasks
  • Synchronization
    All your data are stored in safe cloudy storage. Synchronize them with your Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac devices
  • Task assignment
    You can assign tasks to your colleagues. Everyone knows what to do and when. Control the perfomance of tasks in realtime
  • Common groups of contacts
    Give access to contacts which are under need of your colleagues
  • Emails in LeaderTask
    You can transform your emails into tasks — just send them. It is very convenient when you need to have some info from emails in LeaderTask
  • Backup
    LeaderTask backups automatically, so you can restore your data any time. The data will never be lost
  • Staff list
    Unite all your colleagues in one team, create a staff list
  • Projects templates
    Keep projects which you use to reuse them. It's possible to keep and send projects to your colleagues and friends
  • Centralized purchasing of accounts
    You can purchase the license for all your team in your admin account - it is very convenient and easy
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