Useful daily planner
LeaderTask – is a simple and user-friendly daily planner program whiсh helps you not to forget important affairs and events. Classify your assignments, meetings and events according to concrete days, set reminders for them - when the time comes they appear on the screen of your computer, smartphone and tablet.
What can it do
Create your list of tasks for any day
You won`t forget any important day and its tasks
Work with the dayplanner
Manage your projects
Find information you need faster
Asign tasks and control their performance
LeaderTask fits to:
For very busy people
For those who have lots of errands every day
For people who always desire to develop themself
For those who decided to change all their life
For work dorks
For those who manage several projects and are always busy as a bee
For people who always forget everything
For those who can`t keep in mind thousands of tasks
For startuppers
For those who create something new
For minimalists
For those who are sick and tired of stickers, sheets of paper, paper notebooks and day timers
You will stop forget everything
Lists of tasks for any days
Convenient collecting and keeping of thoughts, ideas and notes
All your information in one place
Supported Time Management Systens
GTD — Getting Things Done (David Allen)
Stephen Covey System
Brian Tracy System
Pomodoro Technique (Francesco Cirillo)
Alan Lakein System
Benjamin Franklin System
Bodo Schaefer System
John Von Eiken System
Julie Morgenstern System
Yana Frank System
Alexander Lyubischeff System
TimeDrive (Glyeb Arkhangyelsky)
Turbo Time Management (LeaderTask Company System)
Final Version, Autofocus, Superfocus, Do It Tomorrow (Marc Forster)
Our users have already created
14 000 000
Together we can do lots of things!
We teach you how to work in the program
4 hours of video
Messages with pieces of advice
11 articles of adopting LeaderTask in different spheres
Personal Manager
(The number of consultions is not limited)
What can you achieve with LeaderTask:
You`ll forget what does it mean - the total absence of mind
You will put your business in order
You will have more free time for your family, rest, hobbies and other pleasant things!
Your own efficiency is going to rise to a new level
You will manage to do more
You will be able to control more projects at work
You will achieve more goals than before
You will escape the stress caused by a great number of tasks keeped in your mind
We put our hearts in LeaderTask
We develop LeaderTask more than 9 years. And we do it for a full due. It is not just a program for us but the mission of life.
We pay attention even to little things. We want LeaderTask to be the most userfriendly and functional planner program in the world.
How popular is it?
Every week the program is donwloaded
4 130 times
Presentation for managers
Presentation for managers
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Who already uses LeaderTask
50 000 personal users
2 100 companies
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Organizer LeaderTask, LLC
9 years in the IT market
2100 corporate clients
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Microsoft inc,
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9854 corporate users
54 countries where you can buy LeaderTask
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