About LeaderTask and our developers
Organizer LeaderTask, LLC is an independent software developer. The main direction is to create solutions for personal and corporative time management, project management, staff management and clients relationship. The company has been founded in 2007.

LeaderTask Team
  • Ivan Abramovsky
    Manages and directs the development of company`s products, generates strategic directions
  • Dmitry Masloff
    Head of the development department
    Creates LeaderTask with his own and other hands :-)
  • Alexey Abramovsky
    Believe that synchronization should synchronize itself
  • Eugeny Morozoff
    Head of the strategic development department
    Makes the program available for every client
  • Sergey Yegorycheff
    Tech support manager
    Helps to overcome difficulties of clients
  • Yury Gogin
    Creates handy and quick sites for you
  • Vyacheslav Vlasoff
    Tech support head
    Helps you in hard times and rises interesting themes to discuss
  • Anton Sobolyeff
    Makes LeaderTask for mobile devices better
  • Nikita Talykh
    Tech support manager
    Helps people and likes to do it!
  • Denis Syemeonoff
    Goes all out for clients using Apple devices
Our Clients
Enterprises, companies and business owners use our products. Among them are the largest state and commercial organizations such as Canon, Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, American Transport Group, MicrochipTechnology Designs, Probiotek, TenderLink, "IRTANCE", governmental and educational authorities (Rehabilitation Services Administration, University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences) and other
Our Mission
We help people to reach bigger results for smaller time.
Our partners
Our strategic partners: Microsoft Azure - Cloud Storage Service; "1C" Firm (LeaderTask is distributed in 1C: Distribution)
We support
Russian Sport
  • In 2010 LeaderTask team sponsored the official Russian team in Men`s World Floorball Championship. It took place in Finland (Helsenki) from 2 to 13 December 2010.
  • In 2011 LeaderTask company was the official sponsor of the team "Naooka" (Science) at the Men`s European Floorball Champions Cup. Venue: Slovenia, Ljubljana (24 - 28 August).
  • In 2013 LeaderTask Team supported a rally team. Our team finished the third in the Central Federal District.
  • In 2016 LeaderTask Team sponsored a floorball team. The team was the silver medal winner at Saint-Petersburg Open 2016.
We are pleased to give free licenses to educational institutions.
We are online